Sunday, November 11, 2007

Craftster ATC Challenge Entry Cards

Every month there is a poll set up on to see what theme for the month that we would like to base an ATC or set of ATC's on. Usually a theme of some sort or another.

The first one I participated in was for a childrens book. Your cards had to look good together but be able to stand alone as well.

To say there was some stiff competition in the contest would be an understatement. This is my entry:
This set, needless to say, was based on my much beloved copy of Charlottes Web. This is two individual ATC's side by side. The bottom part is an actual piece of roofing shingle from my mom's old pig barn complete with moss. It was falling down and I wanted to save as many of the shingles as I could get my hands on. I've had them in the garage for awhile now and when this challenge came up it all clicked. Serendipity.

The next challenge that I participated in was based on old photos. I chose one of my Aunt Barbara and Uncle Robert. They were twins and have both passed away now. They were excellent tumblers and I have many photos of them in seemingly impossible poses.

I just adore this picture of them. This was my entry.

I cut the picture out and mounted it on a piece of foamboard. I wanted it to be dimesional. I wanted just one set of butterfly wings to represent the twins and those sit slighlty above the card also. I then hand painted the swirls and added fun fibers around the edges. Again, there were many great entries on this theme as well.

The next challenge posted was for Illustrated Quotes. This is my entry.
This is a running joke on the ATC section of Craftsters...clowns. I felt I HAD to use them. There are two cards here but they are joined and folded. All hand drawn and painted with acrylics and pencils.
The quote is as follows:
"The artist, like the idiot or clown, sits on the edge of the world and a push may send him over it" -Osbert Sitwell

Here is the latest Challenge entry.

We were voting on a theme to use and I jokingly suggested zetti turkeys. Now, don't get me wrong, I thought the idea was a fantastic one but I never in my wildest imagination thought it would get voted as the favorite idea of the group. Heh, I'm thrilled it won now I'm just hoping my entry will win as well.