Sunday, December 28, 2008

A Little Nest of Birdies

Last week we had some pretty fierce winds and the day after I was outside...freezing mind you...picking up all the debris the wind decided to bring to my house and lo and behold there was the beginnings of a little bird nest. I didn't look as though the construction was too far along, I hope, but I brought it into the house wet and cold.

I felt bad for the poor little bird who had spent so much time on it only to lose it to the wind.

I felt it was only fitting to let other little birdies put it to good use, at least for awhile.

I also wanted to add here that I'm quickly coming up on my 100th post and wanted to find a way to celebrate the momentous occassion. I'm thinking that I will do a give away. I need to figure out all the details of said give away but I wanted everyone to have a little heads up.

You know I've piqued your interest, hehe.

Friday, December 26, 2008

The After Christmas Grumpies

The Christmas Spirit was rather hard to come by in this particular neck of the woods.

The Grumpy Gnomes were mostly to blame though. It seems as nothing went their way and they've had scowls on their faces ever since, poor things.
They've been talking amongst themselves for awhile now on what to do next...

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Coraline Preview

This amazing movie looks like so much fun I can't hardly stand it! I can't wait for it to come to a movie theatre near me...hehe, *chuckle*

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Some New Ralphies on a Cold Winter Day

I have been working slowly but steadily lately on several things. Sometimes with only a couple of minutes to spare. Needless to say it took me forever to finally complete anything at this snails pace I was setting.

I decided to have a photo shoot yesterday. I picked a day that the wind was blowing at a brisk 40 mph. My back yard was a jumble of blowing leaves which is amazing as I only really have palm trees back there. These leaves were blowing in from all over the neighborhood.

I used some of them in my photo shoot. To not use them would have been akin to looking a gift horse in the mouth.

The Ralphies. These perpetually perturbed felines, (haha) just make me smile. This look is so Ralphie. I've decided that I want to make these into either a magnet backed Ralphie and a pin backed Ralphie. Now I just need to decide which one gets what.
Here's Ralphie looking utterly perturbed just because we are all looking at him.

And the sky was a gorgeous shade of blue in which Alex the bunny was totally reveling in.

Monsieur Grenade, being French for Mister Pomegranate. He has a removable hand crocheted scarf wrapped around his neck for warmth on this cloudless windy day.

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Chunky Little Houses

I decided after a bit of a hiatus with swapping that I wanted to join in on this cute one. Chunky houses. The theory is that once you've received your little houses that you could attach them together to form a little village. There was no set shape to the houses that you did so that everyone did a house in their own style and you would have an eclective little neighborhood. What a cute idea!
These are the houses that I sent out.
My Love house
Live House
Laugh House
And Home House
I used some modeling paste on these to give a slight "stucco" look to them.
I made myself use items and papers that I had within reach of my table as I was doing them. No getting up and searching. A little challenge to myself if you will.

Friday, December 5, 2008

Here's the reason I've been absent so long

Yes, this is where I work and yes, he really did sit on the edge of the building.
Makes me faint just saying it, hehe.