Sunday, January 18, 2009

A Challenge and some Works in Progress

I've just been so busy lately that all I seem to be doing is spinning my wheels.

I'm feeling a lot less creative these days than normal and I'm not real sure what the issue has been. I do think that I would like to try something a little bit different as in I really need to have some kind of "challenge". I would like to try having a monthly challenge where in I pick a word, description, feeling or what have you and then create it, using whatever means I'm using at the moment to create it.

What I would really like to do is create these challenges and have anyone that would care to join me participate. I would love to have participants in this and would especially love to link everyone's finished creation here.

Does anyone have any feedback on this they would like to share? I'm all for creative input here, hehe. Let's unite and get this darn creative block thrown off!

I also wanted to share this picture which shows that I have been creating...somewhat.

I'm amazed at how far one 5 pound bag of Celluclay can go. These guys were produced with what was left at the bottom of said bag. I am also amazed that I hadn't discovered the joys of paper clay before!

I'd read about this fabulous product but had never used before now and have to admit...I'm hooked!

Yes, those are yellow hearts. Totally my base color though, hehe.

I love the way the sun is shining in my back yard there through the window. It's supposed to be about 65 degrees today, yay!

Saturday, January 10, 2009

100th Post and A Giveaway!

***Winner Has Been Announced****

I know I know, I teased about this awhile ago and then left you all hanging.

I really wasn't sure about what I could do as a giveaway and truthfully I struggled with it for a bit which is why this post was so long in coming. I finally decided that one of the big eyed birds would be the only thing i "could" do. It only seemed right.

This little guy is named Miles. He's just a baby. He needs a home that would care for him and keep him happy.

Leave me a comment and you will be entered. I will draw for the winner on February 1st.

If you want me to enter you a second time, link to this post on your blog as well and let me know.

Winner will be chosen using a random number generator.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

My Heart

Valentine's Day is right around the corner and while I resisted doing anything I deemed Christmas-y I apparently had no problem with this particular holiday. I don't even know what to say in my defense.

I'm not even a romantic sappy person by nature but I feel compelled by the color red and it seems as though hearts are just a natural progression at this time of year.
Haha, I know, that was one really lame excuse but I made some hearts anyway, hehe.

These are the same three hearts but I started playing around with the camera and different angles and such. Very interesting.

I think it's well known that I am NOT a all. And I know that just by looking at these photos I don't need to even put that disclaimer in there, but, I had fun nonetheless!

My "cheerful" little paper mache pomegranate
May Blessings be yours.

Carl made the Front Page on Etsy

Yes I know I'm a bit late on posting this but I'm still pretty stoked that one of my little guys actually made it to the front page.

Here is a screen shot listed on the Flickr front pagers group.

This is the shot of Carl that was used and many thanks go to Budanart for using him!

Happy New Years 2009 or An Unconventional Las Vegas Style Celebration!

No I didn't go. I was actually asleep in my chair before 9:30 and in bed by 10.
Yes I know how pathetic that sounds but who wants to brave all those people down there on the strip when I can watch from the comfy confines of my chair.