Monday, September 12, 2011

A Trip To Mt Charleston

The boy came over for a visit and we decided that a quick trip up to Mt Charleston was in order so I grabbed my camera and off we went.
 Imagine my surprise when this huge flock? of quail went running across the road. There were more than 15 of them and all this same size. I'm guessing these are almost ready to leave the nest babies as I couldn't tell anyone one of them apart. All but five made it across the road when we drove up making these guys stay long enough for me to get this shot of them.

 I know this flower is a weed of sorts and a sticker bush to boot but isn't it gorgeous?

We were trying to figure out what kind of trees these are. I don't believe they are birch but I'm not really sure. Aspen? Quaking Oak? Yes, I'm totally guessing.

A quick shot right up the trunk of one of them. Notice the carvings? People have been carving their names and dates into the trunks of these trees for years.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Ninja Easter Eggs

These "Happy" little Ninja Easter Eggs were intended for a particular Birthday guy but the Ninjas aren't been quite sure their Ninja abilities would be best served in such an endeavor.

Poised and ready for action.

Ready to take you on!

Friday, September 9, 2011

Foster Failure

Yes, it's been forever and a day since I've been here and I completely apologize.

Stellas' sweet puppies kept me very very busy. There is Beatrice, Wyler, Abigail and Hudson.

(I unfortunately don't have any of little Beatrice or Wyler at this age.)


They've all found great homes since, including Stella. Both Wyler and Abigail found a great new home together. What a fantastic experience it was for the two of them as they were involved with a great organization wherein shelter dogs were auctioned off to wonderful dog lovers and I was so thrilled to have been involved with it.



Egg and his chicks

Sweet Stella and Beatrice both found wonderful homes and little Hudson won my heart and stayed with me.

Isn't he adorable?

Almost as soon as as my kids were out of the house and on to their new lives I was asked to foster yet another litter of needy puppies.

I was told this litter was a litter of Chihuahuas.

Imagine my surprise when I went to pick them up.




There were six puppies in this litter and were apparently dumped at the shelter as soon as they could eat on their own at about 4 1/2 weeks old. Six of the most adorable puppies in the world and six of the most diverse dog types to ever come about in one litter, I swear.

Little Hannah and Ophelia both quickly found homes through the shelter just an hour after being put up for adoption.

And just because he's the most awesome dog in the world for putting up with all these small dogs invading his space, my Cooper.

These kids may have had a Chihuahua relative far back in their lineage but really...

The most fantastic thing about this litter is that I not only got to meet so many of my neighbors because of them but a couple of said neighbors decided they wanted to adopt the puppies.

Sweet Riley now lives with Linda and Mike right around the block and my George, (now Thor) lives with Kerry and Gary right around the corner.

Little Charlie and adorable little Isabelle decided to stay with me and to see them with my Hudson together is just wonderful!

We walk (almost) every night with the rest of the neighborhood dogs and we enjoy it so much.

Does all this leave any time for artwork? Hardly.

Both Isabelle and Charlie, now almost 5 months old, want to be picked up and held constantly.

This isn't very conducive to creating artwork but I'm slowly getting it together.

Yes, I'm a foster failure...