Sunday, July 19, 2009

I Needed a Fresh New Avatar So...

I've been using a version of this guy as an avatar wherever I go but wanted a newer fresher color. Plus I wanted to make some new canvas paintings. I admit to getting a bit on a roll with it.Yes, fresh new colors indeed.

I think this guy is right up my alley. Very reminiscent of Maddie and Margo not to mention Hannah and her two daughters.

These are all done on 4"x4" stretched canvas and will be going into the shop as soon as I get proper photos of them.
I'm also wondering if these aren't truly reminiscent of the photos one would find in your High School yearbook?
I don't suppose this has anything to do with my re-union coming up in a couple short weeks?

Saturday, July 18, 2009

A Trio of Big Eyed Birds and New Chubby Houses!

In celebration of all the baby birds that have landed them selves into my life and, let's face it, my heart, I decided to do a tribute piece to them with this trio of birds. Hannah and babies Edith and Agatha.
Edith is the shy one always hanging around her Momma while Agatha can't wait to spread her wings and fly off to new places.

A new village of chubby houses. The sun wasn't co-operating very well with me and this picture looks a tad washed out. I am so looking into better options.
A couple of my favorites.

Love the little heart shaped flowers!

Hmmm, wondering what else I can get into today...

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

A Grand Desert Tortoise

Over the weekend I got to help re home this little old (looking) man. He is estimated to be about 5-8 years old and is a desert tortoise.I totally fell in love with this guy and believe me if I had my yard set up for a tortoise I would have kept him here! Who knew they had such personality and charisma. And carrot chomping abilities, hehe.
He was very focused on that carrot!

In all his glory. Although he looks rather huge he's only about 8-10 inches long.

One of those faces you just can't help but adore!

Having a little snack and loving those leafy greens.
I promise in my next post to have some pictures of some actual artwork. Apparently nature has taken over both my life and this blog but I do solemnly promise!

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Beautiful Garden Flowers and Bug Porn!

A very lovely profusion of wild flowersYes, there are way too many flowers crammed into that tiny little space. You see on a whim a few years ago I decided to buy a large bag of mixed wild flowers seeds and being the lazy bum that I am decided it was far too difficult to actually plant them.

Into the refrigerator they went where they languished for several years...tsk tsk tsk.

I decided I was tired of moving them around in there and I did have this now empty space in the planter in the front of my house and with my Mothers warning that they would probably be no good and not grow I happily started sprinkling seeds in my planter.

Now I know that you aren't supposed to put that many in one spot but this was a bare patch and my Mom did say they probably wouldn't grow AND I was tired of looking at the bag in the fridge anyway. Sooo, I dumped the whole bag in there, hehe.

I walk out there everyday to see what new kind of flower is sprouting. I just can't get over how happy this crowded little patch makes me.

This one just showed up and so far is the only one like it. LOVE him!

Daisies or small sunflowers. Who knows, I had promptly thrown away my bag and have NO idea what I planted.

Such a lovely happy flower.

I was digging through some weeds and the process startled both me and this praying mantis. He is beautiful but he really kinda freaked me out a bit. He kept "glaring" at me and swiveling his head around to look at me.
This picture is blurry but says it all. He was not happy with me at all. *shudder*

This is a lovely wild lantana plant that just 'showed' up one day growing right next to the wild pomegranate tree that showed up right before it.

I love this flower!
Just a warning, bug porn ahead!

I've marked this particular pomegranate as I'm sooo not eating it! Hehe.

I wish my picture had come out just a hair less fuzzy. Aren't those markings beautiful!

No, I have no idea what they actually are. Hope they aren't stink bugs though...

Monday, July 6, 2009

Fantastic Youtube Video!!

Okay, I admit some might find this a little creepy and some even a little unsettling but I thought I was was going to hurt myself I laughed so hard.
I hope you enjoy this!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Beautiful Dragonfly

When I see these gorgeous creatures flying around in the backyard I swear I hear them yelling for me to go grab my camera.

They are always such picture taking goofs and ready with a smile. Isn't he beautiful!
Just look at that little grin.
It's like he's saying, "Now if you look over here..." Hehe.

I especially love this shot with the blue sky and that fuzzy palm tree in the background.
Such a gorgeous wing span.

And just look at those leaves you can see through his wings!


Got the call!

You know the one. It's been blah blah years since we graduated from high school and we are having our blah blah year re-union. (hehe, clever how I skipped over that so crucial bit of info).

I just sent in my bio and I swear I tried to take it serious but couldn't help a total tongue, not so firmly planted, in cheek approach to it.

I guess I'm actually considering it. It's quite a drive. All the way up into Wyoming. Haven't been there in blah blah years, hehe.

It may very well be time for a little road trip...yay!