Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Cloth Paper & Scissors

My most favorite of the magazines that are available out there, my most favorite.

Did I mention yet that my article got published in the upcoming Jan/Feb 2010 issue? No?

Gorgeous cover!
Here's my article with the chubby little houses in question.
To say I'm thrilled would be a colossal understatement!

There are always so many fabulous things and artists' in this magazine that I feel so humbled by being included.

LOVE this magazine, hehe...Hi Mom!

I finally received my new camera and have been playing with this awesome piece of equipment. I actually feel bad for my 'other' camera even though it's not working any more I still feel like I'm cheating on it somehow.

I got the Canon Powershot SX 20IS.
I feel so professional...*snicker*

I tried snapping a picture of my new camera, err, wait a minute...*where's that darn delete button?*

Take my word for it this thing is so awesome that even though I haven't bothered to read the manual *manuals are for normal people* just take a look at a couple of pictures I took.

Mind you, I've done zero editing on these...zero.

Pyracanthus berries.
Gorgeous little Emily. She looks all grown up here but she's only a few months old. This was taken about 20 feet away. She's such a pill.

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Happy Holidays!!

I've got some exciting news to share but will wait until my much anticipated new camera arrives so that I may share this great news with some exciting pictures!!

Here's crossing my fingers that it doesn't actually take me 6 years to figure this new camera out like it did with the last one, may it rest in peace... *missing it dreadfully*

I will, however, take a moment to wish everyone a wonderful and exciting Holiday!

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Are Computer Viruses Really Necessary?

I mean really.
Not that it excuses my extreme absence lately, just for the last two weeks but come on!

Apparently, according to everything I've read, this one was a pretty nasty one. I did however, manage to get my computer back up and working again, (knock on wood...yes, I'm a tad bit superstitious, hehe) but, and here's the amazing thing, I did it myself. Well, with help I found on a computer forum.

Now if you've read my blog you all know that a computer expert I'm not. I can't even figure out how to make my blog a three column for heavens sake...so sad.

Interested in knowing how I "think" I acquired this nasty? I was simply searching the Internet on information on how to 'sex' baby hamsters. That's right, you heard correctly. I was trying to download hamster porn, hehe.

Actually I took in a mother hamster and her babies and simply wanted to see if they were boys or girls. Just trying to avoid having even more hamsters.

Unfortunately my digital camera ended up with some issues that I don't think it is going to recover from. I guess superwoman status will just have to wait...darnit.

I have, however, been busy making a few things here and there and do have a few pictures to share. Will that, (slightly) make up for being absent so long?

A little Ralphie Christmas ornament.

And chubby house stuffed ornaments too.