Sunday, November 8, 2009

Shots from the garden and more Holiday Houses

My beautiful garden that once was nothing but a bag of seeds that I left in the fridge for what I thought was just too long.

Every day I am amazed that it is still so beautiful, so full of flowers and amazingly enough there are still new ones sprouting and blooming every day.

It is November isn't it?

I had given these purple flowers up for nothing but exceedingly tall bushy weeds but them they started sprouting these gorgeous blooms.

I love love love these flowers

Don't they just make you happy in looking at them?

They made this little bee very happy. He was sooo loaded down with pollen that I was amazed he could still fly. I'm even more amazed at the shot I captured here.
Want a closer look? Isn't this amazing? I love that his shadow was just starting to hit the edge of the flower there. I swear, I didn't even plan this, I'm not that good. Hehe.
I finally got the rest of the little holiday houses done and they had their photoshoot.

Patiently awaiting their turn.

I think he looks like he has a candy cane moustache.

And he has a red and white stocking cap on.
Wishing for some colder weather.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Little Holiday Houses

Just thought I would quickly share a couple of the little holiday houses I've finished up.

The rest are patiently awaiting their turn at the camera but with the days getting shorter and shorter and my indoor photo space not completed yet, we make do.