Sunday, October 28, 2007

Tip In with a Twist Journal Page Swap

Yes, that's a mouthful!
I've joined yet another swap on and this time it comes with a twist. We all were required to pre-purchase a Cachet brand watercolor journal like this one from Dick Blick art supplies in a 5"x7" size. The plan: to "art-up" your own cover and post it, then we get partners and swap pages to go in our journals. It was along the lines of numbers and letters but we are free to do anything we want.
The plan I initially went with for my cover soon went completely by the wayside but I'm very happy with the way it and the back cover turned out.
Here's the front. I still need to add some wording into the top left corner but this will basically be it. I used mostly acrylics with some pencils and outlined with a micron pen. I also used a bunch of watch parts (gears) an oil board stencil, the letter 'z' and some dimensional letter beads.

The back is basically the same as the front with alot more of the watch parts (gears) but I used the prismacolor pencils more here.


kaleesi said...

I absolutely love your green page!!
Especially the way the eyes are a separate picture from the face!
You are truly a fantastic artist!!

kaleesi said...

I didn't mean your green page - I meant your cover!
But I do love your green page and your zetti bird! He is the coolest!

Babbetto said...

Kaleesi, your are just too sweet. I love that you've come here an not only read all the ramblings I've managed to get down in my blog but to leave such wonderful comments're the best!