Saturday, May 31, 2008

First Altered Ancestor arrived home

One of the first of 5 total Altered Ancestors to arrive at their destination.
We did a swap at wherein we all submitted a couple of family photos to the group and we were then able to choose which photo to alter depending on our "feel" for it.
This is my first photo I did for Altered Mommy and this is her Mother Sonja and her sister with some very large rhubarb leaves.
I was a little worried about this type of swap because these weren't just any photos, they were family. Scary stuff. It also meant doing more collage than I'm used to and that really scared me.
In the end I had a blast with these pics and as the rest are received I will be posting them.
I will also post all the fabulous photos of my own altered ancestors when they have all arrived.

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