Saturday, May 31, 2008

Third and Fourth Ancestor Arrive

It's a calvacade of ancestors today, who knew that they would all arrive together like this, well except the last one that's traveling all the way to Sevilla Spain. I'll give that one a couple more days. hehe.

This ancestor belongs to Katxena and for me was the hardest one of the bunch which was weird as he was the one I had the clearest idea of what I wanted to do with him.

He was a cattle rancher which is why there are cows involved there. I'm not sure how much of the back story I should indulge in here as it involves actual people but suffice it to say that he lost his wife early on in the marriage. I thought it was a sad story and is what I wanted to center the story around.

I like the way the copper wire almost looks like fencing there at the bottom. Ha! That wasn't my original intention but I like the way it turned out.

This one turned out better than I had hoped for and was almost a fluke. I wasn't real sure where I was going with it and was taking turns on this one and the Frederick one and I feel it just fell together.
The story behind these two boys is a troubled one. The older brother used to play cruel games with his younger brother and then dies after playing a particularly cruel game with him. I love these two boys but those eyes are haunting.


Colorfuldayz said...

I think I screwed up the first attempt to leave this comment ... I love your ancestor series. These are sooooooo beautiful. I find it amusing that you are so uncomfortable with having to do a lot of collage because you produce such wonderful work, EVERY SINGLE TIME!

Babbetto said...

Wow, Thanks so much Colorfuldayz, that really means alot to me that you say that. I am feeling a little better about collage now, thank goodness but I'm here to tell you that the ancestors really had me worried that I was going to screw them up.
I'm glad that they all turned out okay.