Friday, July 25, 2008



"There's something."

"They're inside the house!"

"You're just reading me!"

"No no, it ain't you!"
"They're inside. Inside the perimeter."
"They're in here!"

"Stay cool."

"There's movement all over the place!"

"They learned. They must have found another way in, something I missed."

"We didn't miss anything!"

"I don't know, a nail hole, a gap in the caulking. Something under the floor, not on the plans. I don't know."

"They're right on us!"

"Can't be. That's inside the room!"

A soul wrenching nightmare image.
The inner sanctum is utterly violated....

Copiously, generously and ridiculously changed to suit my own ant nightmares from a scene from one of my favorite movies "Aliens". How fitting indeed.

And yes, they figured out a way to get under my wooden floor and came up through a seam. There is concrete under that floor and I layed the wood myself. I had glue all OVER that concrete and while granted, I did make grooves with the glue, these ants continually amaze me with their ingenuity.

I am off to buy some grits as that idea completely amuses me.

And maybe when I get back I will then amuse myself with some's possible.


Colorfuldayz said...

I can't believe how out of control your ants are!! Love your play by play of your eradication attempts~

Fishstikks said...

Hehe, it is unreal isn't it.
They were all over my studio table yesterday and some had drowned themselves in my brush water.

I am at a loss on that one.

On one hand I hope to continue to amuse but on the other hand I really hope it's with something besides ants...bleh.