Thursday, October 23, 2008

Ever Been To Hoover Dam? Wanna Go?

On Tuesday I had to drive clear across town as I found a less expensive place to take Cooper and Egg in to have some "elective" surgery done and I didn't want to have to drive back home and then turn around and go back again later soooo, I went traveling. I drove into Boulder City and found the most amazing creepy Fortune Teller Zoltar. I paid my money and got my fortune:
"Round and round the ball will spin
Til it draws your good luck in
Ah, I can foretell for you
Good luck in a month or two
"The crystal gazer has wonderful things in store for you. A dear one will return from a long trip and your whole life will be different. You have a very patient disposition and your patience is about to be rewarded. Despair not I say for your days of despair will soon be over. Your calm spirit and your good sense will see you through all emergencies. You have many friends particularly in the armed forces. They are loyal to you and are glad of an opportunity to be of "service" to you."

*My lucky numbers: 47, 41, 25, 35, 43, 33*

Then off to check out the park where the annual Boulder City Arts Festival called "Art in the Park" is held. It is amazing how small this park is when the event isn't taking place. I've never really been here unless the festival was going on. Such a pretty little park.

Then as I was driving out of Boulder City towards the dam I stopped and took this pretty picture overlooking Lake Mead.

Next stop is at the Dam itself.
In this shot you can see the beginnings of the new by pass bridge they are building. This thing is enormous. It will make a very difficult commute over the dam to Arizona much easier for traffic without having to deal with all that dam (hehe) traffic.
This is the Arizona side of the bridge.

And this is the Nevada side of the bridge.

My own daring out the drivers side window shot of the under side of the Nevada side of the bridge. I was only going about 8 miles per hour as I wasn't the only one gawking.
Mostly because of this sight. These guys are nothing short of amazing. If you go look at this next shot of the Nevada side of the bridge and look for the beginnings of the arch underneath the bridge itself you will see "this". Right there in front of the motorhome.

I had to take most of these pictures on the fly as there really is no way or place to stop to take them. I lucked out and traffic wasn't really all that bad. Well, except for that pesky motorhome.

Shot of Lake Mead from the top of the dam. Unfortunately, that white line is how far the water level has receeded.

I couldn't get these little guys to hold still for a proper shot as some German tourists kept scaring them away and they were busy themselves trying to keep all the birds away.


Colorfuldayz said...

The Child and I hit the Hoover Dam a couple of years ago and it was fascinating ... far more interesting than I expected. And we found the huge population of chipmunks to be adorable. They certainly know how to work the tourists for scraps of food!

ceevee said...

This was a fascinating post. I used to live in Kingman AZ long long ago and I remember I would drive from AZ to Las Vegas to do FOOD shopping. Really. What changes have occurred since then. WOW! I would love to see this again. Maybe someday.

kim* said...

did you wish you were BIG? :P

lisa said...

thank you for your sweet words regarding my ornaments! your work is so unique and glad i have your blog to keep up with your work!! happy halloween....lisa.

Fishstikks said...

CDayz, those chipmunks were definitely working it! So cute!

CeeVee if you haven't been through that area for awhile you might not recognize it much. Definitely changed a lot!

Kim, I SO thought about making that wish but worried about how much bigger I "could" get, hehe.
Was definitely running through my head though.

Lisa, you are so welcome, your ornaments are adorable!
Thank you so much for your kind words!