Monday, November 3, 2008

And The Birds Flew Home

These two fellows flew to their new digs over the weekend and arrived today.
Meet Horace and Blaine.
Blaine isn't always this serious, the sun was just in his face and he was squinting.
Horace was having a giggling fit at Blaine and I just managed to catch him trying to be serious.
They're so cute together. Note the birdbath in the background.
Together one last time before flying off to seperate locations.
I even tried my hand at a "Tinnie". I am soo making myself some of these. I've been saving a bunch of cans and have been using them for pencils, markers and brushes for awhile now but I seriously need them "prettified" , this one was so much fun to do.

*see the little rabbit in the background?*
A couple of bird mirrors, just for fun.


greer / eggstudio said...

These guys crack me up! I love your birdies you work wonders with these fellows.

Fishstikks said...

Awww Thanks Greer!

Jennifer L. Addotta said...

I love how you make a story to go with your sculptures. It adds another dimension :) He's just squinting lol!

Pets Jubilee said...

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Moody Girl said...

Wow, those are so amazingly cool!

Mieke said...

WOWWWWWWWWW Beautiful!!!

Fishstikks said...

Thanks so much for all the wonderful comments everyone!
I really do appreciate each and every one of them!