Sunday, December 28, 2008

A Little Nest of Birdies

Last week we had some pretty fierce winds and the day after I was outside...freezing mind you...picking up all the debris the wind decided to bring to my house and lo and behold there was the beginnings of a little bird nest. I didn't look as though the construction was too far along, I hope, but I brought it into the house wet and cold.

I felt bad for the poor little bird who had spent so much time on it only to lose it to the wind.

I felt it was only fitting to let other little birdies put it to good use, at least for awhile.

I also wanted to add here that I'm quickly coming up on my 100th post and wanted to find a way to celebrate the momentous occassion. I'm thinking that I will do a give away. I need to figure out all the details of said give away but I wanted everyone to have a little heads up.

You know I've piqued your interest, hehe.


Jenn said...

ooooh what a sweet birds nest...and even sweeter with your birdies in it:) I am smitten with your grumpy gnomes too:) congrats on your upcoming 100th post!! xoxox...jenn

Monkey-Cats Studio said...

Loving your little birds all tucked into the nest!!

I wish you all the best in the coming New Year!!! Celebrate safe.

goatgoddess said...

Happy New Years - love your grumpy gnomes - they are fab! and the birds are so cool.

Fishstikks said...

Thanks so much Jenn, that means a lot to me!

Thanks so much Laurie!

Hi goatgoddess! Nice to see you again and thank you!