Thursday, November 20, 2008

Wondering Where I've Been?

Work work work...and not the fun kind either.
Getting ready to open up and become something less than the construction site that it used to be but now spending lots more time there than before. It has been causing me to not have ANY time to do all the fun stuff that I think about when I'm doing the not as fun stuff.

I'm sure that soon I will be able to do more fun stuff. Heaven knows I've got so many works in progress that I'm just itching to get back to and a swap I really need to get busy with.

I promise to have pictures to share real soon.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Obama on the sidewalk

This stencil, obviously done by some kids, was all over the sidewalk in my neighborhood and even gracing a power box. I thought that the stencil was very well done and fitting for today.

Monday, November 3, 2008

And The Birds Flew Home

These two fellows flew to their new digs over the weekend and arrived today.
Meet Horace and Blaine.
Blaine isn't always this serious, the sun was just in his face and he was squinting.
Horace was having a giggling fit at Blaine and I just managed to catch him trying to be serious.
They're so cute together. Note the birdbath in the background.
Together one last time before flying off to seperate locations.
I even tried my hand at a "Tinnie". I am soo making myself some of these. I've been saving a bunch of cans and have been using them for pencils, markers and brushes for awhile now but I seriously need them "prettified" , this one was so much fun to do.

*see the little rabbit in the background?*
A couple of bird mirrors, just for fun.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Colorful Birds Fly in From Exotic Locales

These little guys came from locations all over the world to come hang out with the local big eyed birds.
This is Rufus, he's always late wherever he goes. His mind is just not on the present moment but always thinking about his next step causing him to inevitably be late.

Owen is always the first to arrive and has a very calm and stioc air about him. He puts this down to being, although distantly, related to the peacock family.

This is Jack and he counts his exotic location as California and points further West...hmmm.
He is related to the local big eyed birds on his Fathers' side and used to be a surfer dude.

Huey, the life of the party, he's got the best sense of humour and always manages to crack everyone up! Needless to say he ALWAYS gets invited back.

Little Carl, he goes places the others' only dream about and always brings expensive gifts back.

Hanging out on the deck waiting for the bar-b-que to heat up.
Where are those mimosas anyway!