Thursday, January 1, 2009

My Heart

Valentine's Day is right around the corner and while I resisted doing anything I deemed Christmas-y I apparently had no problem with this particular holiday. I don't even know what to say in my defense.

I'm not even a romantic sappy person by nature but I feel compelled by the color red and it seems as though hearts are just a natural progression at this time of year.
Haha, I know, that was one really lame excuse but I made some hearts anyway, hehe.

These are the same three hearts but I started playing around with the camera and different angles and such. Very interesting.

I think it's well known that I am NOT a all. And I know that just by looking at these photos I don't need to even put that disclaimer in there, but, I had fun nonetheless!

My "cheerful" little paper mache pomegranate
May Blessings be yours.


seth said...

These are great hearts! Liking the messages on them too. And thanks for the comment on my blog.

A Smiling Girl said...
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A Smiling Girl said...

Wonderful hearts! So fun grouped together with their sweet messages.

Chicken Lips said...

Really fun! I love the realistic heart - just great!

thedomesticfringe said...

Love the hearts!

Carolyn said...

pretty! how fun to work in 3-d!
How've you been?
I'm currently on a photography bender. a couple of weeks ago it was sewing. I haven't painted in EONS so that will probably be next!
honestly, my 1 year old is just learning to walk and getting into EVERYTHING so I don't have much time for anything!

Good to see that you are busy!

Fishstikks said...

Thanks so much everyone!

Carolyn! How've you been! Been loving the things you're learning in your photography!

Ms Dragonfly said...

wow, love the hearts!!

bancher said...

these are lovely ;-) i just adore the colors and the words!