Saturday, February 7, 2009

The Beauty of The Desert

Last weekend I took the dogs up to Redrock for a little outdoor time. I love this time of year as it's not hot yet and even a little on the cool side. Yes, I know, it's only February but that's what happens when you live in the desert.

I arrived at the Redrock canyon loop in the afternoon and you can see by the shadows that the sun wasn't far off from setting. Still makes for a beautiful shot though and just look at all that beautiful blue sky! It just doesn't get any better.

We then drove over to the Calico Basin wash where we like to get out and walk around. I like to let the dogs run around and be dogs here. Poor little Egg (Pekingese) has a hard time keeping up with Cooper (Labrador) but he gives it his all. Of course evertime I tried to get a shot of the little buggars...well, suffice it to say, they didn't turn out well.
I took a shot of this desert beast rising from the dusty desert floor. Kind of reminds me of those "grab-oids" from the movie Tremors.

One of the almost daily reminders we get here is to stay out of desert washes, especially when it looks like rain. Water can come washing down from the mountain and it doesn't care who or what you are.
Case in point being this poor wheelbarrow.
It looks like we've got rain in our forecast for the next few days. I'll have to get back up there and see how the landscape has changed after nature is done this time.

Just a few of the many species of Catus that grow out here.


Colorfuldayz said...

Looks like it was a beautiful day!

ODD imagination said...

Absolutely beautiful! I would love to live there. I just posted some rather desolate looking photos myself. You should go and have a look. :o)

Waterrose said...

Looks like the desert here...except we don't have the red rocks locally.