Sunday, May 31, 2009

Another Baby Bird!

That's right, another baby bird, same golf course. This one was found being picked on by the ground squirrels there and was rescued by one of the workers there. My friend brought him over for me to see, we snapped a few quick pictures thinking maybe it would help trying to identify what kind of bird he was if we couldn't find anywhere to take him and then we sped off to Gilcrease Animal Sanctuary again! Isn't this little buggar simply adorable and so so tiny too.

Very alert.

Did someone say cheese?
Yes, he was a camera ham.
After discussing various possibilities on what he was we arrived at Gilcrease and were told he was a quail. That wasn't even on our list of possibilities, wow.
The guy there informed us that the owner of Gilcrease Animal Sanctuary was very fond of quail and would take care of the little quail himself and amazingly enough they even had another little quail baby there the same exact size that they were getting ready to take back to him.
Happy days.


Dolores said...

I do hope this little guy makes it. He/she is so cute and it's nice that he was saved from those squirrels.

Sarah Knight said...

baby birds are always adorable when they're fluffy :)

hopefully, this one didn't try to go on your hand; they have a tendancy to do that... silly birds.

bende said...

I like it very much!

Waterrose said...

We have a lot of quail here. The one on my was very odd that there was only one with mom and dad...I assume something happened to the others. I also wonder when that top knot actually flips up...