Saturday, May 23, 2009

Phrenology Skull and Procrastination

It's a little different than things I normally do but I'm so totally drawn to these types of things.

I was supposed to be working on other things. You see, I have 5 days off in a row in which all I wanted to do is putter around the house and get some art work accomplished. My goal for this mini vacation was to paint and finish the 25, (yes, that's right) chubby houses I have started and I have about 9 more birds in the works and I wanted to get them all done before I went back to work next Thursday.

So, of course I painted this! Hehe, bad...I'm so very bad.

I used my colored pencils and acrylics over some vintage foreign text on a canvas. The text I think is maybe Russian?

I just love medical things especially vintage medical things.

I got this fabulous book at the thrift store. It was behind the counter and the clerk acted surprised when I asked if I could see it. When he told me how much it was I considered for a moment and decided it was just too pricey for me. I reluctantly handed it back to him.

He thought for a moment and then told me in the 'years' since he'd had it no one even asked to look at it, I was the first. He would give it to me for half price. I paid for it and left happy.


Meka said...

Wow you are so artistic it amazes me! The painting is awesome, you should do some rat art. What thrift stores do you like? I only know about goodwill, savers, and DI what else is there? Am I missing out on any great ones?

Colorfuldayz said...

That is awesome! Even though it is different from your norm, it is still very much your style. Love that medical book ... when I come down for first Friday, you are going to have to drag me to your thrift store circuit, too!

Seth said...

First of all...fantastic that you were able to get the book. Second, that painting is really extraordinary. Amazing!

Flor Larios Art said...

I like the style of your birds...those huge eyes. The cat is awesome too!
I also have a fascination for old books..that one is spectacular!

FishStikks said...

Awww Meka, thanks so much! I am actually working on some rat art. May look alot like the birds but ratties nonetheless!

This particular thrift store is VERY small and over the years of visiting it I think this book and a wool sweater, (which I still have) are the only things I've ever found...sigh. There used to be such great ones.

Thanks so much Seth!!

Flor Larios Art I really appreciate your kind words!

Sparky N' Rouge Raven said...

That's an amazing picture! You really got the anatomy down AND its a work of art! Also, congrats on snagging that medical book. It looks very fun.

Monkey's Momma said...

Beautiful!! I would have had to have it too!

Shelley said...

That painting is just beautiful. The book isn't bad either! Lucky girl!