Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Cloth Paper & Scissors

My most favorite of the magazines that are available out there, my most favorite.

Did I mention yet that my article got published in the upcoming Jan/Feb 2010 issue? No?

Gorgeous cover!
Here's my article with the chubby little houses in question.
To say I'm thrilled would be a colossal understatement!

There are always so many fabulous things and artists' in this magazine that I feel so humbled by being included.

LOVE this magazine, hehe...Hi Mom!

I finally received my new camera and have been playing with this awesome piece of equipment. I actually feel bad for my 'other' camera even though it's not working any more I still feel like I'm cheating on it somehow.

I got the Canon Powershot SX 20IS.
I feel so professional...*snicker*

I tried snapping a picture of my new camera, err, wait a minute...*where's that darn delete button?*

Take my word for it this thing is so awesome that even though I haven't bothered to read the manual *manuals are for normal people* just take a look at a couple of pictures I took.

Mind you, I've done zero editing on these...zero.

Pyracanthus berries.
Gorgeous little Emily. She looks all grown up here but she's only a few months old. This was taken about 20 feet away. She's such a pill.


Jenn Klee said...


Waterrose said...

Congrats...it's one of my favorite mags as well... I love the quilt version as well. Your pictures are awesome as well! I love it when I find something that helps me do things much more easily.

Anonymous said...

I got my new issue and finally had time to look thru it and see your little houses! looked real quick to see if it was you and it was! Congras - so happy for you - they did a really nice write up of you and your houses :)

kiwicarole said...

Congrats on getting your work published! It's fantastic!
Happy New Year!

FishStikks said...

Awww thanks everyone!! I'm still pretty stoked about it!

Carolyn said...


miz katie said...

I LOVE your houses. Just picked up my copy of the magazine after buying two back issues on Etsy. What a wonderful read it is!!

Your houses are definitely something I want to try sometime. Congratulations!!

sue pelletier said...

LOVE your houses! I did the drop cloth girls...pg66. and do wooden houses also. congrats on your publication! it is a great magazine!

violette said...

Congrats on the wonderful article you wrote for CPS......i really enjoyed reading it. The houses are adorable too!

Love, Violette