Monday, October 26, 2009

Home Made Marshmallows

It sounds so terribly simple doesn't it.

Making your very own marshmallows.

I certainly was sucked into believing that I too could make my very own yummy little marshmallows.

Now I would like to point out that I'm not overly fond of marshmallows. Of course I like them but I could go the rest of my life without them if pressed to do so.

It's just that I saw some blueberry marshmallows and was smitten. Totally smitten.

I did some research, found some blueberry flavoring, ordered it and found a wonderful recipe on Martha

Bought myself a cute little beater with a whisk, as per recipe, and a new glass pan.

Lined up all my ingredients and managed to completely botch my first attempt with two swift strokes.

Okay, shrug it can do this. Lined them up again and "carefully" read the directions again.

It went horribly wrong...horribly horribly wrong and I have something called "Marshmallow" to prove it.

Snort *giggle*

I admit I totally underestimated how gooey and stringy said mix was and how completely the stuff could glue 'things' together. Things like my fingers to the bowl, whisk, counter, nearby television and front door over 100 feet away.

Seriously, this is not a mutant skinned chicken.
Oh I can hear you all now, hey that's not blueberry! This monstrosity was my test run, oh yeah, I'm going to give it another go. I haven't learned a thing. I can just hear my High School Home Ec teacher cringing from here, hehe.

Want to see what a beautifully perfect home made blueberry marshmallow is supposed to look like? Have I ever got the etsy shop for you. She's got all kinds of amazing flavors in her shop and when my next 15 or so experiments fail as miserably as this first one did I shall see you all over there. MiaMallows is her shop name and aren't these just beautiful marshmallows?
I just hope she isn't horrified to find her beautiful marshmallows any where near the monstrosity above.

Of course I find a much more helpful youtube video AFTER the monstrosity was born.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

A Real Eye Opener

White balance.
I knew you needed it on your camera. Was relatively sure I had it on my camera. Really had no idea for sure that it was on there and no clue whatsoever on how to not only find it but how to use it once I did.

So so sad.

A manual you say! Who needs a manual! You actually have to read said manual and I certainly don't have time for all that manual reading, (okay, this should read...too darn lazy!), hehe.

So after dealing with pictures like these on a sunny day outside I kept getting more and more frustrated. I was spending ALL day touching them up in Photoshop which, I might add I have no idea what I'm doing there either, and that's just one one photo as well, or at least series of one item.
I left these as is with no touching up whatsoever just to give you an idea of what I was dealing with. Just look at all that blue! Outside. Sunny day!

Well no more friends and neighbors!

Same house, same day, same place no re-touching whatsoever!!

I found my white balance!!!

I'm so happy!

Hope I saved those settings on my camera as I have no idea what I actually did, hmmm...