Sunday, October 4, 2009

A Real Eye Opener

White balance.
I knew you needed it on your camera. Was relatively sure I had it on my camera. Really had no idea for sure that it was on there and no clue whatsoever on how to not only find it but how to use it once I did.

So so sad.

A manual you say! Who needs a manual! You actually have to read said manual and I certainly don't have time for all that manual reading, (okay, this should read...too darn lazy!), hehe.

So after dealing with pictures like these on a sunny day outside I kept getting more and more frustrated. I was spending ALL day touching them up in Photoshop which, I might add I have no idea what I'm doing there either, and that's just one one photo as well, or at least series of one item.
I left these as is with no touching up whatsoever just to give you an idea of what I was dealing with. Just look at all that blue! Outside. Sunny day!

Well no more friends and neighbors!

Same house, same day, same place no re-touching whatsoever!!

I found my white balance!!!

I'm so happy!

Hope I saved those settings on my camera as I have no idea what I actually did, hmmm...


Dolores said...

Glad you found it. I am having problems just transferring my photos onto my computer. Sometimes it works, and most times it doesn't. H E L P! I have asked my daughter but right now she is trying out the new bread machine.

Sycamore Moon Studios said...

White balance and macro...couldn't live without them. Things are so much easier when there is less "correcting" of photos. :)

Outstanding Stranger said...

Wow, I saw the white balance icon and never took the time to read about it. Thanks so much. I usually download my pictures to a Kodak program and fix it there. Much easier to use the white balance. Can't wait to try it. Thanks and big Hugs, Diane

ODD imagination said...

I loooooove my white balance. I 'm usually shooting under flourescent lights and it would look awful without it.