Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Freecycle Story

Now I love my Freecycle.

Keeps me from throwing perfectly good 'junk' out and lets me take perfectly good junk from someone else who no longer wants it.

If you haven't freecycled lately, what's stopping you?

The premise is quite simple really. Say I have some leftover paint that I no longer need. Perfectly good paint but honestly, how much deep gloss orange can a body use in a lifetime and when I'm holding onto one full gallon and another partial, well, lets face it something has got to give.

I post my paint on the board and anyone who sees it and is interested in it simply contacts me. I then chose the person I would like to give it to and they come and pick it up.
I can either choose to be home and give it to them or leave it someplace outside and they can then pick it up at their leisure.

I LOVE this system and have met so many truly wonderful people this way. Several of which actually live in my immediate neighborhood, hehe, small world.

I have even had one or two people bring stuff to me that I could use in exchange for what I was giving them and in the case of my kitchen counters that I tore out in order to update (from the 70's style mind you) I even had the recipients break down and cry. You see they had 4 bare walls in the small house they just purchased and my old counter tops were a blessing for them.

I love Freecycle.

Sooo, this brings me to the 'incident' today.

I posted an old metal tube awning sans cover. Huge awning. One of my requestors sent me 2 e-mails, all caps, PLEASE CALL ME I WANT THIS AWNING!!

Here's the phone call:

Hi, is Lois there? ...........................(Not her real name, changed to protect the inane)
Who's calling?
Harriet ............................................(Hehe, not my real name to protect ME from the inane)
Why do you want Lois?
I'm calling about the ad I had on Freecycle.
My name is Harriet and I'm calling about the ad I had on Freecycle.
Oh, hold on a minute.

(In the background)
You have a phone call
Who is it?
I don't know a Harriet!
She says she's calling about an ad on Freecycle.
I don't have an ad on Freecycle right now!

(Voices coming closer to the phone now)
No, she says she has an ad on Freecycle.
I don't know WHAT this Harriet is talking about I DON'T have a current ad on Freecy...click.

I'm guessing she really wasn't all that interested after all...hehe.


Kirsten said...

It will be a REAL pip if you get a follow up Email asking you again for the awning and why you didn't contact them... LOL...... Freecycle sounds pretty cool though.... a good way to avoid waste....

Waterrose said...

That would be a great comedy routine. Glad you posted it to your blog...made me laugh.

Meka said...

Oh my goodness, I swear some people ask for everything! She didn't even remember she had asked or what? Haha!

Pamela Zimmerman said...

i love freecycle too. amazing what things you can pass on, or pick up there! Maybe we'll meet through freecycle one day!

Rochelle said...

OMGosh you just made my night reading that cracked me up, I'm still laughing :)