Saturday, May 8, 2010

A Tour Of Lake Mead and Hoover Dam

Alchemy the Meerkat and I decided to head out to Lake Mead and then to Hoover Dam to do a little sightseeing and along to way found some fascinating things and some beautiful wildlife too.
For only $29 you can take a helicopter tour of Lake Mead and the dam.
Alchemy said no thank you very much!
We're just leaving beautiful Boulder City and headed straight towards Lake Mead.
A beautiful day and a beautiful view!
Alchemy at the Marina. Because the water levels at the lake are so low the Marinas are forced to constantly keep moving.
Little Alchemy posing bravely high above the dam on the water side. Closest is the Arizona tower side and the further tower is the Nevada side. Both have clocks in the towers showing what time it is in either state.
This is showing just how low our water levels are at Lake Mead just on the other side of the dam.

A gondola ferrying workers high above the already high bridge. If these guys aren't paid very well, they should be.

A couple of incredible shots of the new Hoover Dam bypass bridge.

This is supposed to be completed sometime this year. Can't wait to drive across it and see how incredible a sight it must be from up there.

A bird of prey. Couldn't get a better shot of it to actually tell what kind of bird but he sure made a few of the other residents a little nervous. Alchemy included.

We saw many little Antelope Ground Squirrels here.
Keeping a watchful eye out for that bird and for any treats you might just have on you.
Little Alchemy was in heaven!
And a whole herd of Desert Big Horn Sheep too. These guys, (there was an entire herd of them) were just 50 feet off the main road. This guy kept his eye on me the entire time I was there while the rest of them grazed happily but nervously. Isn't he gorgeous!
Tomorrow little Alchemy visits the strip!


niftyknits said...

wow - BIIIIIG countryside. I certainly wouldn't relish driving over that bridge, it looks way to scary to me.

Owen said...

Umm, just wanted to say, "Hey, thanks for following my blog...".

I haven't figured out if having alot of followers means anything or not, but it's a kind gesture, out of all the millions of blogs out there, that anyone would notice it, always amazes me.

Anyway, I was amused looking at your profile where you said you like books by Stephen King, and also by Stephen King, or another favorite writer : Stephen King. That's not a little restrictive ? But you put in a quote by Ayn Rand, so I'm guessing you've read something other than only Stephen King?

Well, I like Stephen King too, if for nothing else, in his book "IT", there is a character named Owen Phillips who makes a brief appearance. And he does have a son named Owen... so he's ok in my book.

BTW, I like these photos of the Hoover Dam area. I was there a couple of years ago, and already the water was quite low. The bathtub ring is quite impressive. So, that sheep had his eye on you ? If it was a goat, you might have had reason to be concerned.

Waterrose said...

Thanks for the Alchemy update. We were in that area last October and that new bridge is going to be amazing. I really hate bridges...but you simply cannot avoid them if you want to get

Kim's Crafty Apple said...

WOW! What a fantastic little trip!

I'm jealous that Alchemy was able to see so many fantastic sights!

UniqueInspirations said...

Great pictures! Looks like you had a great time!


Glorious Hats said...

Oh my gosh, I got the stomach jitters with the photo where Alchemy poses on the rim of the Dam. Darn phobia anyway. The little meerkat is so very brave. The photos are just gorgeous. You sure are showing Alchemy a good time.