Friday, June 18, 2010

Fresh Artwork Thursday Week #3

It doesn't matter how much you insist that it is really Friday today, no really...I swear it's only Thursday simply because I said I would do a post EVERY Thursday so today IS Thursday.

You get my logic now don't you?

Actually I believe I have a fairly decent reason. Granted I waited until right before I was going to get into bed to post it but my darn computer decided to totally freeze up on me and the call of my bed was ever so much louder than my curses flung towards the computer.

That being said I actually have fresh artwork to share, yippee!
Two more round pages have finally made their way home. This first one had to travel all the way to Spain but he (she?) finally arrived.
The theme here was India.
What I don't know about India could fill several football fields so I had to do a little research on the subject and when I stumbled across some clipart done by an amazing artist Pieter Weltevrede at the Sanatan Society who are ever so kind as to offer up this particular piece royalty free.
All I did was draw it out as best I could within the confines of my round page and then used my colored pencils. I love the soft colors.
The next theme was flying soaring.
The birds wing actually comes out away from his body to give it a more 3-d feel.

Lime green anyone?

I think that almost everything I do HAS to have a little of this color somewhere in it. I told you, I have a fascination/addiction to this color!

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