Thursday, June 24, 2010

Fresh Artwork Thursday Week #4

I know I know.

I can hear you all now saying but it's Friday!...again!

I am still having computer issues but now I'm starting to think that these "computer issues" are only happening on Thursday evenings when I go to post my Thursday challenge posts.
Is this a conspiracy to see how easily I will give up on this challenge?

Are dark forces working against me to see how weak I shall become?

HA! I think not! I shall prevail!

Hehe, I love the dramatic musical score that accompanies both these statements, at least in my head...*snicker*
I scanned the little white rabbit and then decided I didn't like his circle outline and proceeded to photoshop it right out of existence. I'm not so sure that was a good idea or not as he appears to be floating there now and we all know that trickery belongs to the Cheshire Cat!
I love the way his ears curve around the (used to be) circle.

This foxy little duo still has a slight curve at the bottom that shows they were indeed done in the round. I love their cheeky little grins.
I've decided that just because it's so darn hot outside that it's totally time for a giveaway here.
Stay tuned for details to come!

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