Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Alice In Wonderland

I can't seem to keep sweet Alice and that darn white rabbit out of my thoughts again lately and now that it's running on Starz (premium movie channel) ever so constantly I'm watching it almost every time it comes on and then dreaming of it later.

No wonder I managed to start and finish so many Alice inspired works.

Alice on a little 4x6 canvas holding the White Rabbit, presumably from harm.

Couldn't help but to make a pin set of the image.

I just adore the "Elizabethan" ruffs so decided this little fella needed one.

Another slightly different ruff, or collar shall we say. I love the way this little painting came out. On a 6x6 canvas.

And a sweet little bookmark too.
So far I'm holding steady to my promise of once a day for a week, but I guess at day two I shouldn't brag quite so loudly. Far too many things could transpire in the coming days.
Oh but what wonders would I have to share with you then!


Presents from Alex said...

Very cool stuff! I'm a follower.

Found you on Etsy . . . Purchased a cool floppy disc notebook for my brother. Made a note in my "Binder" to check out your shop and blog once the holidays settled down!

Nice, very nice.


mangocheeks said...

Wow, I think they are all lovely, but my favourite is perhaps the pin.

Happy New Year to you.

FishStikks said...

Awww Danielle, thanks so much for stopping by and visiting, that was super sweet of you!

Hope you brother liked the notebook!

Mangocheeks, hehe what a cool name, thank you for the kind remarks!