Sunday, February 5, 2012

Sketchbook Project 2012

 I solemnly swear, if I do this project again next year that I will not wait until 2 1/2 weeks before the deadline to dig out said sketchbook from beneath piles of paperwork to start working on it like I did this year.
Now that I've put it down on paper. so to speak, I'm hoping I can stick with it. That's so stressful.
I'm also going to lay a little of the blame squarely on my dear Mothers' shoulders as she constantly tells me, "Well honey, you are good under pressure". I rise right up to that challenge like a champ, hehe.
 All that being said I really rather enjoyed this particular sketchbook and the ensuing "sketches".

 I revisited some of my favorite characters.

 And thought that dear sweet Ralphie really needed to view the world in color.

 Found lots of new visitors to my crazy little world.

 I started this sketchbook with the idea it would be like a family photo album and really liked the idea of using thos little photo mounting corners.

 And old tape holding down some of the photos.

 More new characters stopped by.

 Bottom left corner is Kevin, modeled after a cp-worker I was sitting across from at work one day while I was sketching. I think he's rather excited to have been included.

 I have tons of little papers with ideas of sketched to include.

 Excited to think of new paintings in the works. I love how these sketchbooks make me think outside the box.

 Last year I made myself crazy trying to do paintings. I love the simple sketches this time.

 Tea with Ralphie.

 Just keep swimming...

 A friend said he liked the pig in the top hat because he looked very sly.

 Couldn't shake the family portraits.

 Fly away with me.

 I love the little guy with the balloon. He makes me happy, even with his morose expression.

My barcode, for easier checkout purposes.

Are you going to any of the showings to see the traveling Sketchbook Library?


Luckii Arts said...

love that u used it as an actual sketchbook...saw it on the art house co=op site....i did one too

happy travels for your book- i'm sure it will get tons of reads! just fantastic!

`cheers - casey

FishStikks said...

Hi Casey!

Thanks for stopping by and I enjoyed visiting your blog and taking a look at your sketchbook.