Sunday, December 23, 2007

Inchies (A work in Progress)

Thanks to Rackycoo I'm now addicted to yet another time consuming addictive craft...Inchies.

I decided I wanted to post pics of these as I went along, more to amuse myself than anything as I'm not doing anything different than anyone else could or would do.

I've seen some rather amazing Collaged Inchies, in particular Rackycoo's at *grumbles, I need to learn how to do this correctly*

As I'm still struggling with the collaged concept I find it is much easier for me to just draw my images out and paint them.

That being said here is my first post with almost all the images in a sketched stage.
I'm using 110# cardstock as my base but I will be putting this on something heavier like matboard. This is an 8 1/2" x 11" sheet therefore yielding me 88 full inchies.

Here I've gone in and colored 14 squares with my Prismacolor pencils. Oh how I love my pencils! I've gone in and sketched out a few more squares here too.

After staying up late last night playing with these I've got even more done. Funny how I can skip around and do whichever square talks to me at that moment. I just noticed that the whole top row of, albeit empty, squares are cut off the top row, hmmm...I guess that means I've only got 80 squares to do, lol.

The bird squares have been such a big hit over there on Craftster that I believe I will do more birds, oh and evil Kings *wink*

When it comes to the point of cutting these little buggars apart I may shed some tears. It was hard for me to do when I did a set of 9 ATC's in the same fashion.

Stay tuned on this as well...


Colorfuldayz said...

These are wonderful! Can't wait to see them finished. What do you plan to do with the end result?

kaleesi said...

Yay for the polkadot chicken!!!!!!!

kaleesi said...

I mean - Yay for the polkadot chicken with my name on it!!!!

kaleesi said...
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Babbetto said...

Kaleesi, which color polka dot chicken do I have you down for, I forget easily.
Colorfuldayz these are going to be for the inchie swap on Craftster, When they are all swapped out I will probably do what Rackycoo is going to do and get a 12 x 12 frame and put them all in. These inchies look so amazing grouped together like that. You and Kaleesi really should join in on the fun!