Sunday, December 23, 2007

Another Tip-In with a Twist Page

Having only one partner this last round was actually harder for me than having two partners for some reason and I not only did I not get my page done on time but sent it a day late, gah.

Didn't help that by sending some extras to my partner made me totally forget to add the actual page to the envelope and I came *this* close to sending it without it. Double gah!

As of this post she hasn't received it hey but I feel pretty sure she won't see it here before she receives I'm posting it, hehe.

My partner this round is actually fond of clowns...yikes. Granted, the clowns she likes aren't the scary in your face childrens clowns that give everyone nightmares, but the old fashioned type clowns that are generally scary and still give everyone nightmares, hehe.

In that spirit I tried to give my clown page to her an old-fashioned feel to it. I really struggled with this page as I had no idea initially as to what I wanted to do and even when I decided what I wanted I certainly didn't end up with what I had started out for. Go figure.

The front page is all hand drawn and painted except the 77 cents and the circus ticket. I even made the red banner and cut it out. The striped background gave me the most trouble. I actually started and discarded 3 pages of different stripes. One I actually tried to glue striped silk to cardstock...I don't wanna talk about it...

The back page. I really hope it's not too creepy. The tagline above is from one of my all-time favorite movies "Freaks" from 1932. One seriously creepy movie. Although, after receiving a rather "questionable" luncheon ATC from said partner in the ongoing swap, I feel rather justified *snicker*

Above is the ATC in question. I really am assuming she means luncheon for the rat as he is eating...right?

Thanks Rackycoo! And I really hope you enjoy your clowns.


Colorfuldayz said...

Racky is sooooo going to love the clown page. It is so wonderful! And thanks for listing me as a site you like to visit ... it is so fun when friends "stop by".

kaleesi said...

I love the clown - he looks so sad and so cute!!!! She will be crazy for it!

Babbetto said...

It seems as if, indeed, she did like her clown page...yay!

Colorfuldayz, I really enjoy reading about your hikes and that snow pic, brrr.