Saturday, January 19, 2008

Altoid Tin Swap with a Star Wars feel

I know I know, this swap was over 6 months ago but I just uncovered my long lost camera with all my pictures of this swap (and many other great pictures, 1036 to be exact!).

I have always drooled over some of the altoid tins that have been created and really wanted one of my own. More importantly, I wanted an excuse to make an altoid tin and yup, you guessed it, I needed the motivation of an organized swap to do it!

Needless to say I get paired up with the intrepid organizer Kishcrafts. She who makes the most brilliant polymer clay cakes and such. I had such fear. Then I saw one of her themes, Star Wars! You gotta be kidding me! *total Star Wars geek I am* Oh, this is awesome! Not only do I get to try my hand at an altoid tin but I get to use Star Wars as my theme...yippeee!
Wookie bag

Mouth open.

I actually was going to make two of him because I thought he was so cool but he ended up being difficult and I got side tracked with him and then when I finished I vowed to never go there again. No pattern, just winged it. He was so frustrating but he turned out so uber cool!

Paper Mache:

I've always loved the idea of paper mache. Have all the material and tools for it but never really played around with it. Now I have the perfect excuse for it. I HAVE to make a mini model of the Millenium Falcon...right?

I made it out of foamboard first, a partial used sheet I found at work in the trash. I glued strip after strip of newspaper on it and then sanded and carved my little heart out. Painting it was fun and I used my much bigger model of the Falcon for the details. I even added little magnets to the bottom for this effect:

Yes, the magnets make it magnetically a part of the tin! On the floating Cloud City.

The bottom of the tin:

I used see beads along the bottom of the tin to keep it raised up so as not to scratch the picture.

My "favorite" picture!

Here's the interior shot:This is my favorite scene in the movie!

My partner also wanted to have a bunch of buttons should she get paired up with someone in the 'know'

I 'did' just buy a button making machine didn't I. I made as many buttons as would fit in the tin...and a few more than that too 'cause you never know when you might need some Star Wars buttons.


kaleesi said...

I guarantee you had the happiest partner in the swap - no one could have asked for a better package! That is the cutest wookie I have ever seen!!! and I have NEVER seen paper mache look so good!
You are truly amazing Babs :)

Babbetto said...

Thank you so much Kaleesi!