Sunday, January 20, 2008

Latest Tip-In Journal Page

This particular page had me in panic mode. I had already done a page spread for her in the other tip-in swap and basically I had...nothing. No ideas, no sense of where to go or what to do.
We even got an extra week with which to work on this round, (for me that meant an extra week to obsess over what to make). It was a long hard road it was. I was at work one day when the inspiration started to come. I'm not sure from where but I quickly sketched out my little dancing guy. Wait, he doesn't look very much like a guy, he doesn't even look the way I wanted him to.
Gah! I decided to run with it anyway and see what happened. Well then he started looking like a pear with the colors I wanted to use on him and his weird little "pear" shaped body. I think he's kinda cute anyway and that's when I decided to "attempt" to make him a rock instead.
That's when Rocks and Roll was born.Of course the cheeky red big eyed bird had to dance. And dance he did. I am very pleased with my pear shaped rocks but little did I know that everyone would assume that they were noses. Noses! Ha! I didn't see that one coming.
In the midst of working on my inchies I felt I would be amiss in not including some inchies on this page. Three of them to exact depicting the saga of that cheeky red monkey, the big eyed bird. Close, Closer, Closest


kaleesi said...

I changed my mind - I want these inchies!!! Rip them off the page and send them to me!!!
Or send me the whole page and send them something else!!!!! Greedy aren't I?
It looks like your birds are on a bird stand too which is cute!
Your rocky noses are cute too - reminds me of the dancing/singing raisons from a long time ago! And I love that your little bird had to jump in there and steal the show!!!

Babbetto said...

Awww Kaleesi. I just love reading all your wonderful comments! They make me feel so happy...Thank you!