Monday, February 18, 2008

Not the usual art post

I've got all kinds of art to post but thought on the off off chance that any of my partners actually come here and read my blog I thought I would hold off posting them until they've received, hehe, teaser I know.
Soooo, in the spirit of wanting to have something new to post I've taken some really pretty desert pics from my trip into the mountains yesterday.
I kept imagining being an early traveler through this wilderness in a wagon as I bumped and bounced along in my truck at only 15 miles an hour on a road carved into the wilderness. It was a rvery rough road but at least it was a road. Those poor people had nothing to guide them through. I feel fortunate. Lovely little barrel cactus. Don't let its' size fool you. This cactus was about 4 feet across and the word "prickly" doesn't even begin to do this justice.
Joshua Tree. They were everywhere. Las Vegas is just on the other side of that Mountain you see in the background. I was only 20 miles from my house. For some reason I was thinking I could get close enough to said Mountain to get a great shot of Vegas itself. Ha! I was mistaken. That Mountain was ALOT bigger than I realized.
Keeping in mind that I am not a photographer by any stretch of the imagination I think this shot is so pretty and turned out rather well.
Supposedly there is a hidden forest out here somewhere on the other side of this particular hill. Someday I shall return and find it. I had no idea the vastness of this area.
Here is an 'artful' close up view.
This rock was just sitting there waiting for me to come by and see it. I was amazed by it's coloring. It was just sitting there surrounded by all these other less colorful rocks being so pretty. I just had to bring him home with me. He's sitting here by my computer right now. I may have to build him a home in the backyard in the flower bed.
And then there's this shot. This is a rock and must be sandstone to get that hollowed out space there. My rock hound genes (got them from my Grandpa) went into overdrive when I saw this. How cool is this? Another rather arty shot. The rock itself was about 2 inches across. My camera takes much better close up shots outside it seems than inside...hmmm.


Kelly said...

Love the photos of your outing ... and love that you had such a great time. I often think back to the exploration days when The Spouse and I are out in the wilds. I don't know that I would have had the same determination and strength as those women walking along the wagon trains, over mountains and through deserts, heading west. I thought I would lose my mind driving across Kansas with air conditioning and books on CD to keep me entertained!

Babbetto said...

I keep thinking of the lack of port-a-potties in those days and I'm almost positive that toilet paper was...unheard of.

Kaleesi said...

Great desert shots Babs :)
I'm still waiting to see the dangerous photos you risked your life for on the construction site!