Sunday, February 3, 2008

A Header...Finally!

After not even knowing that I had Adobe Photoshop on my computer, let alone knowing how to actually use it and especially to my advantage, I find that it actually worked! Yes, my photo needs a bit of tweaking and I had a really great type on there that I spent some time on that apparently got lost when I saved it, or...something.
Other than that I'm rather pleased.


Colorfuldayz said...

Great banner!! Great job putting Photoshop to work.

Carolyn said...

I had to laugh because I was just saying to someone that I'm so technically challenged that I can't even do my own banner for my blog!! Yours looks great.
I love your art... very original...!

kaleesi said...

Congrats! I applaud you!! I can't get anywhere with my blog I started - as a matter of fact - I can't even find it :( pathethic huh?

Babbetto said...

Thanks so much for all your help on it Colorfuldayz!

Carolyn if it's any help at all I seriously had to ask for some help with mine. I still didn't get it right but at least I have someting up there that I love...yay!

Kaleesi, thank you even though you also know what I misplaced, hehe.