Saturday, March 22, 2008

Another Creative 4x4 Page

I'm finding it harder and harder to be "creative" for the Creative chunky page swap. The tip-in with a twist swap has seemingly sapped all my creative juices. That being said I still really like the direction this one took. I found alot of really neat stuff at the construction site to use on this one.
First is the corrugated paper. I love the way this stuff paints up, especially with torn edges. I found the tiniest piece of gold leaf from a project and applied it to the upper left corner and the insides of the tires are, I believe, plastic pieces from some board game whose name escapes me.

I love the little girl with her bike and I placed her on a section of map as she's going to be traveling places on her bike.
The back is the same scrapbook paper that I used in the bee page. What can I say, I worked on the two pages at the same time, hehe. I also used some of the same papers here that I used on the front with a really cool old time picture that my eyes just can't quite make out. I also added a few of my favorite circles and a hand drawn word.

I really like the added chunk that the tab gives it.
I may have to make more of those.


Colorfuldayz said...

I can totally relate to your feeling of uninspiration with the tip in and chunky swaps! I am feeling creative in other areas, but as you said, a little dry in those two swaps!

Babbetto said...

I did get a little creative boost on this swap as I signed up for another swap that is very similar as this one on ATC's for ALL. Katxena is running that one as well and believe it or not..."Creative Life" swap, hehe.
It's great because you are only doing 4 and mailing them all at once to her to distribute. AlteredMommy talked me into it. You should come join *nudge nudge*

Hopefully we can get our mojo back up and running soon...for those swaps.