Saturday, March 22, 2008

Bumblebee Tip-In with a Twist Page

My partner for this next round was a little difficult to figure out so I had to do a little wist stalking. There I found my inspiration for this page. She liked bees!
As I'm loving doing the inchies on these pages using a bee inchie was a natural. I love the way the bees came out, so much so that I made myself an extra one and another for a private inchie swap.
I like how I was able to create something without my 'signature' big eyes, hehe.

I looked up bee quoates on the internet and thought this one suited my needs. The author was unknown. The buzzing is my own...haha.
I glazed over a sheet of music and then painted the flowers on and collaged the words and the inchies.

I like that you can still see the sheet music slightly in the flowers.The back was done with some pretty scrapbook paper I found and some material I found at the construction site again. I love the way the drywall mesh tape looks on these pages and the white paper on top of that is wallcovering backing paper I peeled off. I used my prismacolor pencils to write the words. Another bee inchie and lots of z's.

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