Monday, April 14, 2008

Creative Life 4x4 Chunky pages

Another bird page you say! Someone somewhere is really tiring of the big eyed bird I'm sure but he sure is an easy staple to go to when he's needed and for the most part not many people are as familiar with him at ATC's 4 All which is where these pages are being swapped. I really do hope the recipients like him as much as I do.
I really do need to stretch my wings so to speak and see what else I have up my sleeves. Surely there is something besides birds up there...

I also neglected to take care to keep that 1/4" space at the left clear of "stuff". Eh, dress me up but can't take me anywhere *tsk tsk*
I had fun with my fibers on this one for his feathers and all the other elements save his legs are all paper except the one odd watch part.I enjoyed playing with all the colors and did manage, this time, to make one extra to keep. He is blue as well.

I would have liked to keep the yellow guy but the one I'm keeping had diificulties with that 1/4" edge more than the others so it will be the one that stays here.

I do like how the random words showed up for me and seem to fit the scheme of things. It was very much not planned.


Carolyn said...

I love these! How come you don't have an Etsy shop?

Babbetto said...

Hi Carolyn, I do actually have an etsy shop I just don't have anything in it...yet. I have been so darn busy with these swaps that I haven't left any time to myself to get anything done for my shop. I am looking to change that here VERY soon.

Thank you so much for asking though. That really makes me want to hurry up and get going. May be just the push I need.

linnes said...

really cool chunkies!!

Babbetto said...

Thank you so very much linnes!

catharinas-love said...

They are really good !!!

I love all your "birds"
Rini - the Netherlands

Babbetto said...

Why thank you catharinas-love!