Saturday, April 12, 2008

Another Chunky 4x4 Page

This page I made early on and decided I couldn't part with it so have been holding on to it. I finally decided I needed to release him out into the world but I couldn't have picked a better home for him than the one he went to.

I made him with more construction site finds. Copper wire bits for his legs/feet, wood laminate pieces for his wings, a metal "thing" I was told later that is used in the installation of A/C ducts and is just a punch-out and a plastic gear from the inside of a mechanical white-out machine thingie (hehe) that I just could not resist!
Wow! This is my scan of the page and below is the picture that my partner took. I may have to re-think how wonderful I assumed that my scanner was, hmmm...This is the back side and is an old photo from my beat up old 1954 LIFE magazine. I've used the heck out of that magazine but it's still got lots of "LIFE" left, badda da!
I can hear the collective groan from here so I'll stop, hehe.
I finally carved me a "babbetto" stamp so now I can just stamp my name around on stuff. Granted it looks like I hurriedly carved it as I did but I rather like it si it will do for now.

This is the wonderful page my partner sent to me and I LOVE it! How freaking cool is this?!

Oliva is apparently a brand of cigars that her husband doesn't like much but she sacrificed the band for this wonderful crown and I just adore her taggie necklace and wand and especially the way she attached the tab on the side with brads and using a ticket stub.

Huh, and I thought I was being clever cutting mine out. Funny how we both had the same idea and approached it from completely opposite directions.

The back of the page is as wondeful as the front especially as she used a rat as a familiar for my muse. I just love everything about this.

I'm thinking it must be rather apparent how much I like this piece as it's the first art piece I've put on this blog that wasn't something that I had done. I'm also thinking that provided no one I trade with has a problem with it I might would like to start adding the wonderful artwork I get in return on a swap. Yeah, I'm liking that idea!

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