Friday, May 23, 2008

Chunky Pages go Monochromatic

It was like a lightbulb went off over my head...I think I finally 'get' collage. It was amazing and better yet, I actually enjoyed it. Once I got rolling on these pages they just flowed out.

I was up way later all week than I should have been causing me to groggily get up every morning and drag myself to work but I swear it was worth it!I am really enjoying the small piece of 'punchinella that I've got and am stenciling little dots everywhere. It's one of the similiar things on all 5 of these pages. Just had to do it!

I'm also finding inchies are a great way to add that "little" extra. *snicker*

I wasn't sure about keeping the ribbon on this one at such a long sharp point but it seems as if everyone really likes it like that...go figure.

It did however make this picture slightly smaller and longer though.

This one was my initial favorite one which surprised me as I'm not a huge fan of orange but after this page I really must reconsider. More of those "little" inchies. *another snicker*

One of my favorite things. No actual rust was harmed in the making of this page...I swear.

I used some modeling paste to build up a bit of texture around the circle which was a really cool piece of ephemera I received from Colorfuldayz.

I'm sure she won't recognize it as I barely do but I certainly wanted to give her credit for it!

*side note, I "think" I finally figured out the whole clickable link thingy...yay for me*

*cough* Where was I? Oh yeah, my rust is all acrylic-ed. Just thought I would share, hehe.

I was a little leary about throwing yet another big eyed bird in the pot but I thought that by changing him up a bit I could 'get away' with it. Needless to say this one is my favorite. I had a real hard time sending him away but I feel he will be loved in his new home.

I really love this shade of yellow and it was the bit of text that decided what color I would go with. I also really like the way the little ribbon loops look on the edge of the page.

These have all been mailed out to the hostess of the swap and I'm excited to see what comes back to me. I'm secretly hoping for a couple of specific ones. *crosses fingers*


Suzan Buckner said...

Always, Always, Always--Your work amazes me!! These are no exception!! FANTASICALLY GORGEOUS!!!! LOVE THEM!!!


Babbetto said...

Thank you so much Suzan!
Your enthusiasm for my work means so much to me!