Tuesday, June 10, 2008

The last Altered Ancestor to arrive

The Altered Ancestor Project.
Six of us got together for a swap of our ancestors where we each submitted a couple of photos for consideration to be altered and we could alter whichever photo spoke to us best.

This is Phizzychick's Mom and Gran. While I struggled with this picture a bit I love the way it turned out. It did take awhile to get it where I wanted but once it started going there I had a blast with it.

This was the first one done and shipped but the very last one to arrive. It did have a VERY long way to travel however.
I really enjoyed these ancestors and am sad that my end of this swap is done. I have received 3 of my 5 back so far and will start posting mine soon. I do find it amazing how two people can view the same picture and come up with something completely different. You've got to love it!


Kelly said...

Thanks for heading to my blog!! Yes that video is a trip, and I couldn't resist adding it. Love all you altered art that ancestors that just look so fun and whimsical! Happy creating!

:) Kelly

Babbetto said...

I keep going back and watching it, just cracks me up. I love the stuff that you are doing as well and I meant to comment on that as well. I just got sidetracked with that video.
Thanks for your wonderful comments!