Friday, June 13, 2008

A Bug of a Chunky 4x4

I had to do a little post stalking on my latest and last partner for the Craftster chunky 'Creative Life' 4x4 swap and I found out (at one point anyway) that she liked bugs, sooooo, these little buggars came to visit for a bit.

I wanted to try out this new wing 'recipe' I found on someone else's blog. Please forgive me as I can't remember whose wonderful blog it was and would seriously like to credit them for this process.

Edited to add: Here's the wonderful blog/artist that posted the wonderful tutorial for the transluscent wings. Many thanks again for sharing this!

These are tissue wrapped wire wings and I love the transparent way they came out. After finding lots of small (very small) pieces of copper wire on the construction site I felt I really needed to find something creative to use them for and this was perfect.

I really must do more of the wire wrapped copper flowers as well. Maybe a little too chunky for this but would probably work well for something else along the way, eh, who knows.

The little bugs on the back remind me of something you would see on "The Farside" by Gary Larsen. Father's Day is just around the corner and my Father loves the Farside so that is probably why I thought of that, hehe.


kaleesi said...

This is soooo awesome Babbetto!!! I love the copper wire rose - it looks almost elegant :) The wings are fantastic!!! The bugs are ADORABLE and I love the gradient colors on the biggest bug!
And I love how the back page has a beehive background!
You really rock Babs!!!!!!

Colorfuldayz said...

I already commented on this over at Flickr, but it bears repeating ... love it! That is the cutest bug I have ever seen, other than your martini drinking bumble bee.

Babbetto said...

Wow Kaleesi, I really appreciate your enthusiasm and your wonderful comments...thank you!

Colorfuldayz I think I may have to explore the whole bug thing now, you know, something different.
Thank you.

greer / eggstudio said...

Raising hand. oh.. oh.. and *blushing* that was me with the wings. Yours came out fantastic!

Babbetto said...

There you are! I've got such a terrible memory and I really need to write stuff down, especially like this.
I really appreciate you letting me borrow your fantastic idea and thanks for your wonderful comment too.
I'm off to rectify my post praise.