Saturday, June 21, 2008

Bird Attack

So finally, here's the whole unvarnished truth about this story.
I was minding my own business, I swear, when I walked out my front door to go to work and out of no where this bird, attacks me:

He had been sitting in my palm tree out front and apparently viewed me as an invader. And when I say he attacked I mean it. He was actually hitting me with his little body. I was laughing so hard I could scarcely breathe...little buggar. He actually chased me down the street at one point.

When I got home from work there was this little bird out by my garage door.

Now mind you this picture was taken AFTER I moved him to a "safer place". He still couldn't get back up to his nest and I have 4 cats and 2 dogs and that's not counting how many other animals are in the neighborhood. Sooooooo, long story short, I felt I needed to get him back home. Hehehe, I still chuckle about this when I think of it.

I've got both mom and dad attacking me when I just step out the door, how in the world am I going to accomplish this? Oh did I mention they were taking turns attacking? One from the left and the other from the right one after the other. They were good.

I decide that I would put on a hat as they were usually aiming for my head, oh and then I would wear my heavy canvas coat because sometimes they missed my head and hit lower. Yeah and then I'll wear my heavy welding gloves for handling the baby. Yeah, this was going to be great!

Did I mention that it was over 95 degrees outside and the front of the house was in full sun? Ah, nevermind...

After retrieving the spider infested ladder from the backyard, I didn't know this many species of spiders would live together harmoniously on a 6ft aluminum ladder but...*shrug*, I proceeded to my destination all decked out.

Put the ladder up, ducked a few times, picked up baby bird, ducked some more, invented new swear words, laughed til I cried, placed the baby back into the nest with his other two siblings, screamed as a spider climbed up my neck, fell off the ladder onto the grass rolling, lost 5 pounds just in sweat, jumped up in time for another assault and ran for my front door.

5 minutes, I swear.

I stood there, finally, wondering what in the hell my neighbors were thinking of me now.

Oh yeah.
I did go back up with my camera and this is the best pic I could get of the nest.
I'm insane...I'm pretty sure.

They have now moved to the backyard and I see dad feeding the three hungry babies all the time. They hop along the back wall but do alot of hiding out in my pyracantha tree, they are safe there.

I've tried to find out what kind of birds these are and have had no luck. They sure are bold little buggars and I have enjoyed them.

Anyone know?


Suzan Buckner said...

So...this is how Alfred Hitchcock started out with his movie "The Birds"....rofl..LOL LOL..glad you survived. Maybe you should start painting your birds with machine guns and grenades...LOL

Babbetto said...

At the very least maybe my birds should start wear a beret and a bandolier, hehe, that would be funny!

kaleesi said...

Oh, I wish someone had videotaped this - I could watch it over and over whenever I was depressed ;)
All joking aside, that was realy sweet of you Babs! You should get a litle worm medal!!

Babbetto said...

Haha, a little worm medal indeed.

Yeah it's too bad no one was around, that I know of, actually filming it. Might end up on You tube, hehe.

Colorfuldayz said...

Hilarious story ... I can so see you doing all that! You have saved a life ... good karma like that is pretty powerful, regardless of how tiny the creature!

April said...

lol, great story! :)

I believe it is a mocking bird. And they are wonderful at protecting the nest. ;) I see them chasing away much larger birds (crows, hawks) here all the time.