Saturday, June 28, 2008

Lots of little things

Maybe you've noticed that I haven't been blogging as much lately and more importantly I haven't been blogging as much about artwork lately.
I've caught up on all my swap commitments and I've been feeling kinda lost. I find that exceedingly amazing as I thought that once I caught up on them I would have all this free time to commit to artwork that I want to do, what's up with that!

I did sign up for a 4"x4" Circus Chunky swap over on ATC's4All, which I'm rather stumped on for the moment, and I've also been approached about doing a private swap for some ATC's on both Craftster and Illustrated ATC's. I still feel a little blocked though. It's been so frustrating.

So in the face of this big issue what do I do? I've been running around the internet finding all kinds of great artists' blogs and I thought I would share a couple of them with you.

The first one is a great friend who has repeatedly featured me in her blog. I met Colorfuldayz through Craftster where we did a few swaps together and then realized we lived awfully close together and finally met. I have thoroughly enjoyed her friendship. She's an amazingly colorful artist.

The next artist I found at Flick'r and tracked her to her blog. Paulette Insall and she's been doing some really cute youtube videos that I've really enjoyed watching.

In checking out Paulette's blog I ran across one of her etsy artist finds and was pleasantly surprised to find Noodle and Lou. I really adore her little lulettes.

Then there is Suzi Blu. I find her very eclectic and wonderful and her blog is a happy place.

The last blog for today is Time with Tascha. Her artwork is so bright and happy and I love wandering around over there.

Do yourself a favor and visit all these wonderful artists.


Colorfuldayz said...

Debi, thanks for such a wonderful endorsement! I have really enjoyed our growing friendship, too. I am looking forward to seeing you in July. As for the other comments on your blog, I can relate to your overall blockage and lack of creative output. Not sure what it is about, because with the child being gone and school being out I assumed I would be ultra productive ... but that is not how it is turning out and it is bugging me. Hope you had a beautiful weekend~

Babbetto said...

It so sucks that we can't be as productive as we want to be. It just makes no sense to me. I try to slog through it though.

My weekend was great otherwise. Worked on a couple of things that are almost ready to be "seen".

Can't wait for your trip either!

noodle and lou studio said...

thank you so much for the sweet mention!!! Congrats on opening your etsy shop...I think it is just WONDERFUL!!! keep up the great work:):):):)
Happy weekend to you!! xoxo...jenn

Babbetto said...

Awww Jenn, thanks so much for stopping by and for checking out my shop too.
I'm hoping for an update of my own soon, hehe.