Monday, July 7, 2008

I had a rather productive weekend

Amazingly enough if you take 5 days off from work and have no major plans the things you can actually accomplish are nothing short of amazing.

I finally took off a couple layers of dust from the top of things I hadn't seen in awhile, (no Mom, not the fridge or stove haha) managed to sort out and organize my studio

There is a work in progress there on my table and I had to use my light up really high as it was getting dark out and this is the only major light in the room.

My tv for movie watching, I find it a must have.
There's my Indiana Jones poster I airbrushed back in the late 80's. I haven't the wall space for it right now.

Yes, there's my movie collection at the bottom and my brand new Clip it Up at the top. LOVE that thing. There's little Eggs' head at the very bottom.

It scares me badly to post these pics and these are the cleaned up versions, ack!
Looking at them from the saftey of my computer screen makes me realize just how small my work table really is. I found the perfect one for me, it's at Ikea, we have no Ikea here and they won't ship my table to me and with gas the way it is right now makes no sense for me to go there and pick it up. Would be cheaper to have a team of artisans flown in from Italy to carve one out of an oak tree, but I digress.

I did find a table that would suit my needs at Cost Plus World Market but wouldn't you know it they were out of stock. They say it "might" come in on Thursday. I guess I'm stuck with my "student" version for now.

Here are a couple of the canvases I managed to paint in between all my organizing.

And I made a couple of pocket mirrors from the images too.

I'm really loving my little button/mirror maker


Cindy Dean said...

I just found your blog through Etsy. Great work. I live in Vegas too.

Babbetto said...

It's funny how it takes the internet to meet someone that probably lives just a mile down the street. I'm so thrilled that you stopped by to say hi.

You've got some really gorgeous pieces you've done and I loved visiting your blog.

greer / eggstudio said...

Your studio is fab! Love all the little paints in the rack.

Mary said...

I envy your studio space and I love, love your art work. I like that it's different and there's no little hats or crowns involved, ha!. I am featuring you as creative site of the day on my Piczo site.

Babbetto said...

Wouldn't it be great if all those little paints would actually stay in that little rack instead of spreading themselves out across my work space?

Mary thanks so much for your kind words. I'll have to go take a peek at your site.