Saturday, September 20, 2008

Doggy Jail

I came home from work the other day to hear the dreaded words, "Cooper is gone Mom!"

Cooper is my 2 year old yellow lab that came to live with me after finding his sweet face on Petfinder 2 years ago. He came to a rescue group in Saint George Utah after they found his Mother and all his siblings at a high kill shelter there. They were so accomadating that a friend of the rescue worker actually met me half way in Mesquite so I didn't have to drive so far to pick him up.

He and Egg were in the back yard and somehow the gate was opened and they were both out and free and apparently running around the neighborhood. After hearing from a couple of the neighbors I've pieced together a little bit of the story. Egg was found and returned home by one neighbor but didn't see Cooper. Another neighbor saw Cooper but was late for work so kept driving, and a third (unkown) neighbor found Cooper and turned him over to the Animal Cops. He had an I.D. on, his "other" collar that he had managed to chew off and I never bothered to put it on the new one.

I'm still in shock that after going to the most frustratingly disorganized shelter ever that we managed to find him. Oh what a pitiful sight there was to behold when we came upon his cage and there was my great big Cooper all huddled into a very small ball. My son called his name and he slowly looked around and when my son called his name again you should have seen the instant spark in his face. It made me so sad and of course thrilled that we found him. After trying to prove that he was indeed our dog and paying his 'bail' we were allowed to take our little man home. Of course we stopped at Petsmart and bought him a treat, a new toy and a bright shiny new I.D. tag.

However...we did manage to find and fall in love with yet another dog there. He's a Bull Terrier aka Spuds Mackenzie for those in the know. I've always adored this breed and this guy was an owner surrender. He goes in for evaluation today at 5pm to decide if he should go to adoptions. Unfortunately it is a first come first served kind of thing. I think we made friends with one of the guys there and may be able to get this guy adopted today.

Three dogs? What am I getting myself into?

Someone please talk me out of this!



TanyaMac said...

Awk poor Cooper!! I'd be in bits if anything were to happen to my Mitzi - I'm so glad you found him! Spuds McKenzie sounds like the coolest pooch, let us know if you get to bring him home! :)*

Suzan Buckner said...

what's One more doggie!! I would have a gazillion of them if i could afford them!!

I am lovin' your new paper mache' birds!!! Are they made from the messy stuff, or Paper Clay???

Colorfuldayz said...

Oh wow, Debi, I can imagine how you felt. When we lived in L.A. Brie got out one night and we couldn't find her anywhere. She spent a night on the streets and was picked up by Animal Control in the morning. It was a heart-wrenching night for all of us.

If you do end up with three dogs, and find that it is just too much for you, Coop has home!! Christopher was talking about how cool he was just the other night.

Fishstikks said...

Tanya, we brought him home yesterday, yay!

Suzan, I can see you would totally be a great enabler, hehe.
I used Celluclay on the birds, I didn't want them too smooth and although Celluclay is probably the best way to get a smooth look I have yet to master that but love my lumpy bumpy look.

Colorfuldayz, you know that if a day would come that Cooper is tired of us I would happily have him go live with you guys. I couldn't ask for a better home enviroment for him than that.

Fortunately Cooper was only out there for about 4 hours total, thank goodness!