Wednesday, September 24, 2008

New Member of the Family

I'm still in shock at how easily this picture came together. I only bothered to take two of them as none of the dogs were co-operating but this shot turned out amazingly well. Even more astounding is the fact I took it with my phone, wahoo! I'm getting better and better at this whole picture taking thing.

From left to right, Cash or Chase as I seem inclined to call him when my memory fails me and at this point I'm thinking it may be up in the air right now, my scruffy son, Cooper and Egg.
It was 100 degrees out today and it's at the end of September...unbelievable!


Carolyn said...

So glad the story had a happy ending!

If we ever get another dog my husband wants a bull terrier.

Congrats on the new addition!

Fishstikks said...

Me too Carolyn!!

Just a word of warning about the Bull Terrier though, actually it may be just this particular dog, but if I had to describe this dog with one word it would be "Intense"

He's very well mannered but very very intense, especially when it comes to his toys. Yeesh.

Carrie said...

Ah, I love the puppies! To lower the risk of ending up with a menagerie, I'm not allowed to go to any place where sad animals might be because that is how I ended up with the cat.

I just stopped over at your Etsy shop (Etsy being one of my favorite places to shop so I'm glad to have found your shop!). My husband has now taken to calling our cat "Ralphie" because he is also perpetually cranky.

Carrie said...

I love your puppies! To lower the risk of a menagerie, my husband has requested that I not go any place where sad animals might be since that is how we ended up with our cat.

(And my husband loves your Ralphie print on your Etsy shop!)

kaleesi said...

What a great family shot! I'm so glad you got your Cooper back!

Fishstikks said...

Me too Kaleesi, me too.
And thanks!