Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Finally, Some Artwork!

I had finished this one some time ago but something wasn't quite right with it so I stared at it for awhile and finally decided what I wanted to fix on it. I am much happier now. She's done with acrylics on a 4x4 canvas.

"Say Cheese"
This little guy looks like he was a Star Trek fan as his shirt reminds me a little of their old uniforms. He was painted using acrylics and my ever so favorite Prismacolor pencils on a 6x6 canvas.

Ralphie was such a huge hit that I felt compelled to re-visit this particular picture several times, six times in fact, hehe. This is just one of them. They are all done the same way but each little Ralphie ended up having his own individual personality. It was rather amazing.


Carrie said...

If Ralphie was black, that expression on his face would *totally* fit my cat.

:::off to look at other Ralphie things:::

Fishstikks said...

I had a black cat named Charlie, he was such a good boy. I may have to visit that idea this weekend.
Thanks for the idea Carrie!