Tuesday, October 7, 2008

More New Art and another Ralphie

I've been finding small random pieces of wood at the construction site lately and I decided that I needed to paint them up. This one has a cherry tree on it. Well, at least a cherry tree in my mind as how I remember it from the house I grew up in.

My Dad built a house for us to live in on a small cherry tree orchard in Brigham City Utah and some of my fondest memories are of those trees. I adored spring time when those four trees came into bloom and my sister and I would climb them endlessly and eat green cherries because we could never wait for them to ripen. My Mom would can them. I never really cared for cherries that way. They always felt so humiliated to me. Somewhat like grapes.

This is painted on a fairly chunky little piece of wood. I'll have to take a side shot as I painted the sides also. It's a happy little piece o' wood.

"Photos of the Soul"
My cherry trees will always be a part of me as this little girl carries her idea of cherry trees with her.

This little Ralphie came about because I had made an online purchase of an optometrist lens and it came wrapped up in this piece of pattern paper and as I was unwrapping it Ralphie decided he wanted to play with it and this is the same exact look he gave me when I tried to play with him and the piece of pattern paper.

Little buggar.


kaleesi said...

Great to see so much new artwork babs!!! I love it all - but my absolute favorite is the new Ralphie - I just love his expression!!!

greer / eggstudio said...

Love your art, that little Ralphie cracks me up.

Mary said...

Such cute artwork! I used to always put roughly drawn cherry trees on my artwork as a child. I had forgotten that. Thanks for the reminder.

Fishstikks said...

Hey thanks everyone!
Hi Kaleesi! psst, I'm sending you your stuff this weekend by the way!

That Ralphie is always up to something hehe.

Mary, you are very welcome and thank you!

kaleesi said...

Yay! I'm excited now!!!

afiori said...

Please make postcards and stickers of your artwork... The cat ROCKS!! I checked your Etsy and think your prices are really low considering the quality of your work, if you don't mind my saying so. I think you're just super.

/ maria-therese ♥ www.afiori.com ♥