Sunday, September 14, 2008

A Sneak Peek at Something New

Although now that I think about it showing the actual item in its' entirety and in its' finished state isn't a 'peek' but I shall call it a 'sneak peek at a new direction' and call it good, hehe.

I had first experimented with this guy and paper mache and enjoyed it quite immensely but got so busy with other things I never really got to play with paper mache again.

Well friends and neighbors that has all changed and I've got a succession of photos to prove it!

I thought it was interesting to take in progress shots for these guys and while there aren't very many photos I still thought they were informative enough.

I had to draw the eye on there just to give myself an idea of how he was going to look.

I really rather like the group of white birds, kind of look like doves, fat doves but I digress.

Doesn't it look as though the big one is teaching the little ones how to read?

I also prepped a stack of canvases with vintage pages for a slew of Ralph paintings.
You all know who you are...


Avesthel said...

Oh, they're wonderful!! :)

Fishstikks said...

Hi Avesthal!

Thanks so much!

greer / eggstudio said...

These fellow are wonderful.
I love how you mix your colors it has that nice antique feel. And those eyes~ they just pop.

Scrappinren Creations said...

I love how you turned these pieces into cool pieces of art, love love the big eyes, they are so fun!! And you are such a talented painter, I wish I could paint like that!

Fishstikks said...

Awww thanks greer!

I really appreciate your kind comments ScrappinRen Creations!