Thursday, January 24, 2008

Big Eyed Bird goes 3-D

A paper craft challenge was announced on that involved using music sheets in any project of your choice as long as the music sheets were an integral part of the project itself. I though about doing something but couldn't come up with anything. So of course when I decide to work on something else inspiartion comes along and whacks me with a big old stick. I'm up til almost 11 o'clock on a friday night starting on my project. It involved a really cool looking rusted metal "thing" I found about 5 years ago, had to have but didn't know why. I broke out my brand new bag of Celluclay, another had to have but didn't know why, hehe...see a pattern here?

I learned alot about working with Celluclay when I woke up the next morning and my "piece" was just as wet as it was the night before. Knowing I still had lots of sculpting to do as well as lots of painting and whatnot and have it posted by the Sunday deadline I started to panic a bit. It barely fit in the oven with both shelves taken out...whew!

This is my entry, based on my ever popular (who knew) big eyed bird:
Here's a close up of his music sheet wings.I painted him to look grungy which considering how lumpy I left the Celluclay was actually rather easy.

Size reference with a 2 oz bottle of paint. This is the color I used on him. He makes me happy.


kaleesi said...

Your big-eyed bird looks fantastic in 3D!! Good luck!!!!

from your biggest fan ;)

Babbetto said...

You are by far my most favorite fan!! And thanks!